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Action Alert


22 May, 2017

Monroe County, Ohio.

 After a three-day long action training conference near the Wayne National Forest, organizers from multiple groups have launched a long-term resistance encampment to defend the Wayne National Forest from fracking and fracked gas pipelines. 

 The action training conference was hosted by Southeast Ohio’s Appalachia Resist!, a direct action environmental justice group known for blockading the oil and gas infrastructure that threatens the rural communities where they live, as well as the recent action where a group member shut down an intersection in front of Chase Bank in Columbus to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

 The conference was attended by more than a hundred water protectors, land defenders, organizers and community members from around the state and region, who agreed on the goal to stop Energy Transfer Partner’s accident-ridden Rover Pipeline project, as well as Eclipse Resource’s plan to frack the Wayne National Forest.  A wide variety of groups and organizers were represented, such as Keep Wayne Wild, the American Indian Movement of Ohio, Torch Can Do, Earth First!, Camp White Pine, Resist Enbridge Line 5, Radical Action for Mountains and People’s Survival, Tar Sands Blockade, the Buckeye Environmental Network, and the Athens County Fracking Action Network.  “People from a lot of different backgrounds, walks of life, and organizing ideas are coming together,” said Crissa Cummings, 45, of New Marshfield. “We are sharing skills and building strategies.  Companies like Energy Transfer Partners and Eclipse Resources can expect a wall of resistance.” Trainings included Strategic Direct Action, Environmental Justice and Environmental Racism, and Pipeline Resistance Strategy. Childcare and meals were provided.

Noting that since November, the Bureau of Land Management has leased nearly 2000 acres of the Wayne National forest for fracking, mostly to the out of state company Eclipse Resources, Jolana Watson, 25, a member of Appalachia Resist! said, “We are here to tell the Bureau of Land Management that our public lands are not for sale and also to remind them that public lands are stolen lands.  The same companies that want to frack the Wayne and build pipelines through it are running roughshod over treaty rights and ignoring native sovereignty around the continent.”

To find out more about the long term encampment to resist fracking and pipelines in the Wayne National Forest, email


Bill coming soon to make Ohio renewable energy standards voluntary, customers can opt-out

Gov. John Kasichvetoed a bill late last year that would have made Ohio renewable energy standards voluntary for two years.

Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican who is among the most vocal opponents of the renewable energy standards, vowed to come back with a vengeance– and now he’s about to follow through on the pledge.

“What we are now saying is we are going to scrap the renewable portfolio mandates in their entirety and repeal them with goals,” Seitz said Tuesday morning while addressing the Ohio Energy Management Conference in downtown Columbus. “So they will be goals and utilities will be encouraged to reach the goal of 12.5 percent by 2027, but they will not be fined into oblivion if they fail to meet the goal. We are confident that they will probably meet the goal without any state mandate holding a gun to their head.”

He also pledged to give every Ohio power customer – individuals and small and large businesses – the ability to opt out of the renewable goals. Now, with the standards in effect, customers pay a small charge on each monthly bill to help power companies meet the standards.

Kasich’s veto message noted that companies looking to expand operations in other states are increasingly asking for a portion or all of their energy to come from renewable sources. This is especially true of tech companies based in the West Coast.

Action Required

Contact State Senators and State Representatives and demand that reasonable renewable standards be REQUIRED OF OUR UTILITIES.

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