Beginning construction in early 2018, the turbines will be the same as those developed for Whirlpool’s Ohio plants in Findlay, Marion and Ottawa, and will be developed in coordination with One Energy Enterprises.

The three Greenville turbines will generate more than 12 million kilowatts per hour annually and offset about 70 percent of the plant’s electricity consumption – eliminating the equivalent of more than 9,000 annual tons of carbon dioxide.

“By investing in on-site wind energy, we’re ensuring that Whirlpool Corp. is set up for success now and in the future, while also expanding the commitment to sustainability that is vital to our company,” Voglewede said in the release. “We are proud that this will be our fourth of five plants in Ohio to utilize sustainable energy, and we are committed to continuing to grow initiatives and projects like these that help reduce our overall energy footprint.”

Similar to previous wind turbine projects, all three turbines will be built and financed by One Energy Enterprises as part of its “Wind for Industry” projects.

Greenville’s plant makes stand mixers, stand mixer attachments and accessories, hand mixers, blenders, aerated beverage machines and cutlery blocks under the KitchenAid brand.

In addition to the wind turbines, Whirlpool will create three $5,000 Megawatt Scholarships – one per turbine, to be given out each year. These will be awarded for every year the turbines are in operation to local high school graduates pursuing a two- or four-year STEM degree.