Regarding the city of Richmond’s decision to sue oil companies over climate change, California climate change policies are designed to protect both the economy and the environment, and we will meet our goals with a collaborative approach between government and employers. Lawsuits that claim billions of dollars in damages against some of our largest employers based on a theory that they should have done more over the past 50 years to combat climate change will discourage investments we need to reduce emissions.

The city of Richmond is one of many municipalities using meritless lawsuits to extract money from oil companies that have long provided a necessary resource and invested heavily in California.
California’s regulations are working, and we are on a path to meet our newest targets of 40 percent below 1990 levels. There is simply no need for these lawsuits that will take money and jobs out of the economy and work against California’s leadership in climate change.

Dorothy Rothrock
President, California Manufacturers
& Technology Association