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12 Air Purifying Plants That Will Clean Your Air

12 Air Purifying Plants That Will Clean Your Air
 We need fresh air to live a healthy and full life, but it’s fast becoming a luxury. Residents of many major cities around the world are plagued with smog and poisonous gases from motor vehicles, fossil fuel based power plants, and factories.

The good news is there is a simple solution you can use at home to make your air much cleaner. While air purifiers might help, air purifying plants are a great and natural way to clean your home’s air supply. In this article, you’ll learn more about air pollution, its dangers, and how to choose the best air purifying plants for your home.

The Pollutant Problem

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 4.6 million people lose their lives to air pollution-related diseases each year.

The World Health Organization also published research which showed that nine out of ten people in the world (that’s 92 percent) live in places where air pollution exceeds the recommended safe limit.

And it’s not just humans that are suffering. Our planet continuously experiences stratospheric ozone depletion due to the sheer number of pollutants released by humans.

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 Source: Groom and Style

By:  Kelli Gardener
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