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Natural Climate Solutions Create a better world for wildlife and people.

Natural Climate Solutions Create a better world for wildlife and people.

The risk of climate breakdown is real, but it can be reduced if we protect, restore and fund natural climate solutions.

Our aim is to prevent climate breakdown by restoring our life support systems. You can help.

Vote for people who defend nature – your voice counts!

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Animation – How Nature Can Save Us from Climate Breakdown.
By Al Boardman, narrated by George Monbiot

When living systems – like forests, peat bogs, saltmarshes and the seabed – are allowed to recover, they draw down carbon from the atmosphere, reducing the chances of climate catastrophe.

Their restoration will also minimise extinction and ecological collapse, and create a richer world of wonders for us to enjoy.

We are calling on governments, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (UNCBD), UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and other bodies to give Natural Climate Solutions the attention they deserve.


We are a small group of people working voluntarily to raise awareness of natural climate solutions and champion the work of organisations working in this field. We encourage you to support local projects, campaigns and initiatives near you and help ensure that this crucial and exciting answer to our global crises receives the attention it deserves.



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