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How to Talk to the “Other Side”: Finding Common Ground in the Time of Coronavirus, Recession and Climate Change 

How to Talk to the “Other Side”: Finding Common Ground in the Time of Coronavirus, Recession and Climate Change 

Kevin Wilhelm was raised in Granville. He spoke last year at the Licking Land Trust’s annual meeting.

Kevin Wilhelm

Amazon ranks our son Kevin Wilhelm”s new book How to Talk to the Other Side #1 “bestseller” in Green Economics; it hit the top five in three different categories—Politics, Economics, and Business.

The book offers hope and a positive path forward for finding common ground on tough issues between:

  • Republicans & Democrats
  • Climate Skeptics & Advocates
  • Rural & Urban America
  • Business & Environmentalists and many more

Hopefully you will share the book with friends. If it gets enough five-star written reviews, it might make the New York Times!

Here is the link . Thanks so much, Clarke and I really appreciate it.

From the Amazon site:  

How to Talk to the “Other Side”: Finding Common Ground in the Time of Coronavirus, Recession and Climate Change 

Paperback – April 27, 2020

America is as divided as ever, and with each “side” becoming more entrenched in their own views, nothing is getting done. This book is a much-needed toolkit, especially in these uncertain times, that provides both hope and practical strategies to finding common ground and win-win solutions for people that deeply disagree with you. It equips us to address our nation’s largest public health, economic and environmental challenges. This book bridges the gaps between:• Republicans vs. Democrats• Big Business vs. Environmentalists• Rural vs Urban America• Military vs. Sustainability• Climate Skeptics vs. Advocates• Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable Energy And also includes:• Difficult Conversations 101• The Importance of Allyship

Product details


Kevin Wilhelm is the pre-eminent business consultant in the field of sustainability and climate change. He is the CEO of Sustainable Business Consulting, a Seattle-based consulting firm focused on practical and profitable solutions for helping firms successfully integrate sustainability.

Kevin brings over sixteen years of experience working with 75+ businesses ranging from Fortune 500 multinationals to small and medium size businesses. Some of his firm’s clients include Nordstrom, REI, The North Face, Expeditors, Outerwall,, American Seafoods and Brooks Sports.His firm Sustainable Business Consulting works with companies on strategies to improve their sustainability performance: From baselines and carbon footprints, to developing strategy & goals, to employee engagement training, to prioritized implementation plans that integrate sustainability across your entire company.

He is the author of a new release called Making Sustainability Stick: A Blueprint for Successful Implementation and the acclaimed, Return on Sustainability: How Business Can Increase Profitability & Address Climate Change in an Uncertain Economy.

He was also a contributing writer to the following:
 Green Jobs: a Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment
 Advancing Sustainability in Higher Education and
 Go Green Rating Scale for Early Childhood Settings

In addition to his firm’s consulting work and his writing, Kevin co-teaches 8 different seminars on Business Sustainability at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) with Hunter Lovins. He previously taught Foundations for Sustainable Business at BGI, and he has also taught Stakeholders and the Bottom-Line (a finance class) at Antioch University-Seattle and developed three classes for City University-Seattle’s Sustainable MBA Program.

He is a recognized speaker and has spoken to over 100+ audiences over the last five years around business sustainability, and if you have an interest in contacting Kevin to speak with your organization, please click here:

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