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15 EcoWatch Stories on Environmental and Racial Injustice

15 EcoWatch Stories on Environmental and Racial Injustice



15 EcoWatch Stories on Environmental and Racial Injustice


As protests are taking place across our nation in response to the killing of George Floyd, we want to acknowledge the importance of this protest and the Black Lives Matter movement. Over the years, we’ve aimed to be sensitive and prioritize stories that highlight the intersection between racial and environmental injustice. From our years of covering the environment, we know that too often marginalized communities around the world are disproportionately affected by environmental crises.

Now seems like a critical time to reshare a selection of these stories from our writers and our media partners. We know that if we want a healthier planet and life, environmental racism needs to be addressed. Here are 15 stories that highlight racial and environmental injustice and are worth reading during this time. There is no environmental justice without racial justice.

Black and Hispanic Americans Suffer Disproportionate Coronavirus Infections


Environmental Racism at EPA: First Policy, Now Racist Messages Written at Headquarters


Lead Poisoning Reveals Environmental Racism in the U.S.

First-of-Its-Kind Study Finds Racial Gap Between Who Causes Air Pollution and Who Breathes It

Coronavirus Comes for Louisiana’s Cancer Alley

Environmental Negligence vs. Civil Rights: Black and Hispanic Communities Get More Pollution, Fewer Jobs

African Americans Are Disproportionately Exposed to Extreme Heat

Why Climate Change Hurts the Poor the Most


African Americans Disproportionately Suffer Health Effects of Oil and Gas Facilities

Environmental Racism in Action: The Trump Administration’s Plans to Gut NEPA

Beginning a Courageous Journey: Connecting Science & Justice

Plastics Plant Will Bulldoze Over Black History in ‘Cancer Alley’

How ‘Freeway Revolts’ Helped Create the People’s Environmental Law

Fighting for a Just COVID-19 Response

We Need a Green New Deal for Farmland


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