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Solar Co-op Installs Third Solar Project

Solar Co-op Installs Third Solar Project

Editor’s Note: I initially titled this “Second Solar Project”. This is really the third installation. I forgot to count the initial project of our solar leader, Jeremy King.

What an afternoon!  Ten of us co-opers gathered around 1pm today, removed the lone panel that was put up just to know that it could work, rejiggered the whole structural layout, built six purlins, installed two angle members, torqued down the whole support system, and installed thirty-six solar panels.  We did finished all of that by 4:45pm – astonishing!

So, two photos attached: one of the group that came out today (Mike Boaz not pictured) – huge thanks to that group for all your help.  I’m ready to work on your solar systems when you need it.  And the second photo shows the whole system as of 5pm this afternoon.

This week we’ll string everything together, install the inverters, get the metering working, wire everything to the barn, and hopefully get an electrical inspection so we can be done.  Then AEP comes out to put in a bidirectional meter and beast can start doing its thing.

Cheers, and thanks again,

OCTOBER 27, 2013 ====================

Kaplan Co-op Installers 10-27-13 sml

Kaplan One Panel On3-200 10-24-13





Kaplan Solar Array 10-27-13 sml
















A little history:

OCTOBER 24, 2013 ===================

Greetings, solar co-op folks —

I’d like to invite you to put up solar panels this Sunday, Oct 27th, 1-5pm at my place.

As Jeremy has reported to you, this is a ground-mounted system.  A few of us – notably: Jeremy, Richard, Tom Evans, Mike Boaz, and yours truly – have done enough prep that we know what the steps are, and can readily put a bunch of people to work.  Weather for Sunday should be nice – partly cloudy and mid-50s.

Things that would help our operation: step ladders, socket sets (esp. deep 1/2″, 9/16″, and 3/4″), torque and impact sockets, maybe a 2′ level or two.

I’m attaching a photo of where we’re at now – just one panel quasi-installed so we could see how it attaches — keep in mind there’s a whole other array sitting in front of this one.

With a cadre of co-opers, we can probably get all the panels installed on Sunday, and maybe get some of the electrical connections done as well.

So please join us!  Address/directions in Jeremy’s email below.  If you get lost or need info, call my cell: 740-398-7892.


October 18, 2013 ========================

Solar Enthusiasts,

We’ve started digging for Abram Kaplan’s ground mount solar array.  Things are going well and we’ll be out doing so more prep work this Sunday after 1:00pm.  For those of you considering a ground mount array – this installation would be a good opportunity for you to see the scope of the work involved.  We have yet to set times for racking and panel installation, but you can bet that it will occur over the next two weeks.  I’ll do my best to keep you abreast of developments so that you can plan to help out if you are so inclined.

Abram’s address is: 1579 Hankinson Rd. Granville, Ohio.   Take Welsh Hills Road to Hankinson.  Turn north on Hankinson and take the first driveway on the left.  Follow that drive back and take the curve to the right to the second house.  We’ll be working right by the red barn.

Lastly, I’d like to set up another Cooperative meeting in November.  It is my hope that we’ll be able to get Jason Watts from McNaughton-McKay to discuss their involvement with our Cooperative – Abram Kaplan and Tom Evans sourced their equipment from them.  They are supportive of our efforts and want to make the process easier for all involved.  In addition, this meeting will be a chance for us to reflect on the past year and figure out where each of you are in your own planning.

Stay tuned for details as they unfold.



One Response to “Solar Co-op Installs Third Solar Project”

  1. admin3 says:

    Note from Jeremy King:

    Abram Kaplan’s 36 panel ground mounted array went live a couple of weeks ago. Here is the link to his online monitoring system:

    Thanks to all of you that helped in the process. While this installation took a lot of time, it was extremely rewarding and we learned a great deal about ground mounted systems.

    In other news, Tom Evan’s array is nearing 1 megawatt hour of total production –

    Richard, Abram, and I met with the representative from McNaughten-McKay a few weeks back and I’m still trying to hammer out a time when he can come to address the larger group about the services and products they offer. Looks like they may start stocking some solar components at their store/warehouse in Heath, Ohio… awesome is that?

    To those of you in the process of and/or contemplating solar arrays, don’t hesitate to reach out to others in the group who’ve gone through the process – the whole idea here is for us to build collective capacity and knowledge.

    Happy Holidays,

    Jeremy King

    Jeremy King ’97
    Sustainability Coordinator
    Denison University
    Doane 304B

    Please consider the environment before printing this email.

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