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Well Pad Chemical Disclosure moving to ODNR

Well Pad Chemical Disclosure moving to ODNR
Chemical disclosure legislation is being developed that will move disclosure of materials at well pads from the State Emergency Response Commission to ODNR.  As nearly as I can figure out, neither organization is up to the task.  I have spent a lot of time with FracFocus and less with ODNR databases because the latter are so annoying to use.  I think you get along with them better.  My broader chemical disclosure concern is that by offering drillers the option of FracFocus or ODNR, drillers that report to ODNR effectively hide their data about what went down the well. ODNR is very slow to post it and it is not posted in machine readable form.  My impression is that the 60 day requirement is ignored and compliance is checked annually at best.
Tracking down the State Emergency Response Commission has been an exercise in futility.  Is there a state agency that really works?  We were “randomly” selected to affirm our identity for Ohio Income Tax purposes.  The website assured us that the software that would quiz my identity (I passed) didn’t work with FireFox.  Why the hell not?
This is a link to SERC forms..  Notice that the link to the ODNR oil and gas database is dead.  SERC only started collecting information in January 2015.  My query to them has been ignored.  To see how they do it i would have to download 48 MB of software.  The only deadlines I have found seem to be an annual March 1 deadline, which doesn’t fit the pattern of material storage on a well pad.  If you have some time, how about checking out the issue?  I could use a second opinion.
Source: Tom Evans
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Link to Ohio EPA SERC forms:

State Emergency Response Commission Documents

 SERC Instructional Booklet, Inventory Forms, and Examples

SERC Filing Fee Form for Industry

SERC Instructional Booklet, Inventory Forms and Fee Worksheet for Oil & Gas

Information Request Form


More from SERC: LINK:

Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know


serc manual






Facility Reporting Compliance Manual Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3750

This is a 73 page pdf file available on our website: SERC_Manual_2014



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