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Oil & Gas Threat Map

Oil & Gas Threat Map


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Are there standards that control methane emitted from existing oil and gas facilities (the facilities on the Threat Map)?

  • In Ohio, yes. In 2014, Ohio adopted important steps to reduce air pollution by requiring oil and gas operators to regularly check for and fix equipment leaks.
  • At the federal level, no. But the Environmental Protection Agency is conducting an Information Collection Request that could lead to standards.

Are there standards that control methane emitted from new or modified oil and gas facilities emitting this pollution?

What can I do to better protect my community?

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The best way to make change is to make more people aware that there’s a problem that needs fixing.

Call President Obama at 202-456-1111!

Tell him that:

  • People living with oil and gas pollution now need help ASAP; and
  • He needs to direct the Environmental Protection Agency to create new standards to cut methane and associated toxic air pollution from the 1.2 million existing oil and gas facilities around the United States.

For more information about efforts to protect the public, visit:



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Recording of Webinar (8/9/16): Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Nadia, Cheryl, or Molly with questions or comments.

Warm regards, Molly Dunton

Citizens Empowerment Project & Methane Campaign Coordinator Office: 202-887-1872 x126

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:


Gasping for Breath: An analysis of the health effects from ozone pollution from the oil and gas industry

Lead Author: Lesley Fleischman, Clean Air Task Force
Contributing Authors: David McCabe, Clean Air Task Force John Graham, Clean Air Task Force
© AUGUST 2016 This report is available online at:


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