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Concerns in Vienna, Ohio center around possible injection well

Concerns in Vienna, Ohio center around possible injection well


Concerns and questions surround a request to begin using an injection well site near the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport.

KTCA Holdings, LLC recently asked the Ohio Department of Natural Resources if it could operate an injection well off of Route 193 at the same location where Kleese Development Associates installed a drilling rig.

KTCA Holdings purchased the site from KDA in 2015. An order for KDA to cease drilling operations at its Sodom Hutchings Road location in the township remains in place. It’s not clear how soon the new company could begin pumping oil-related waste into the ground.

Airport Aviation Director Dan Dickten said “the airport has no concerns” and the Western Reserve Port Authority’s chairman, Ron Klingle, says he’s comfortable relying on state regulators to make the right conclusion in granting any injection well permissions.

Vienna Township Trustee Phil Pegg believes the state of Ohio is gambling with the Mahoning Valley.

Pegg worries about potential problems at the airport if something were to go wrong at KTCA’s well and increased truck traffic linked to this site coupled with a possible increase of airline passenger traffic.

Pegg says an injection well would work fine in an industrial area, like Ridge Road, but not along Rt. 193.

“Had they followed our zoning and wanted to do an injection well, that’s where they would have put it,” Pegg said. “But again, we have no say.”

While Pegg’s tried to fight it, state regulations supersede any local controls on where oil and gas exploration takes place.

The homeowner who lives next to the KTCA site on Rt. 193 says she feels powerless in trying to stop the operations.

“I’ve gotten some weird remarks about selling my property and things, like that, but this is my home,” Michele Garman said.

Garman says she sometimes feels bullied by some who come and go from the site on occasion. She and her husband moved from Poland and Boardman to the township and enjoyed the peaceful wildlife outside until KDA arrived.

Garman tells 21 News she called ODNR in the past after KDA set up the initial site, but had no success in asking them to move it to another location away from residential property.

She doesn’t believe another phone call will help to resolve the issue.

“It looks like it’s too far along, but I’d still love for a moratorium to be put on it, because it just shouldn’t be here, this isn’t an industrial section,” she said.

State law does not mention spacing requirements for injection sites near airports specifically. If a spill or seismic activity occurs, regulators say they will respond.

“We have seismic data going back years in this area, and if there are any changes to that, we will take action,” said Eric Heis, Public Information Officer with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Heis says he doesn’t have a deadline for permit approval, but 21 News did spot an ODNR truck on the site Tuesday. State engineers must review and inspect a site before granting permit approval for injection wells.



By Lindsay McCoy, Reporter


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