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New wind turbine technology being installed in Wickliffe

New wind turbine technology being installed in Wickliffe

In efforts to harness more efficient energy, a company in Wickliffe is reaching for the sky.

A new wind turbine technology, known as “Wind Sphere,” will be installed on May 18 at the Park Ohio PMC Manufacturing Plant, located at 29100 Lakeland Blvd., beginning in the morning. The turbine installation will be completed about 2 p.m.

The manufacturer, Green Energy Technologies, a Park Ohio company, designed the Wind Sphere with a shroud that amplifies the wind, according to a GET news release.

An engineering team from Park Ohio, with support from a retired wind tunnel director and scientist from NASA, delivered the system that amplifies the wind in a small footprint. The result enables the design to have shorter blades, making the wind turbine more conducive to populated, urban environments.

 The system also can be installed on a rooftop or standalone pole in urban environments at commercial, industrial, schools and government facilities, enabling direct connection to the electric meter (net metering), the release stated.

The system generates energy by amplifying the wind and increasing energy output, a contrast to traditional unshrouded wind turbines that require longer blades and more space to generate a similar amount of energy.

“Northern Ohio’s reservoir of rich resources makes design and commercialization of new technologies such as the ‘Wind Sphere’ possible,” said Green Energy Technologies President and Founder Mark Cironi.

The “Wind Sphere” turbine is the first of its type to be installed in the state of Ohio.

For more information about the “Wind Sphere” shrouded turbine technology, visit or call Green Energy Technologies at 330-388-3701.

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