Are hangers recyclable in NJ?

In addition to plastic bags and Styrofoam, recycling bins should be free of food waste, no takeout food containers, no dishware, glass, or mirrors, no tubs (yogurt or margarine), no paper towels, hangers, cups or plates, flower pots, video tapes, pots & pans, bulbs, batteries, hoses, shredded paper and no syringes.

Are wire hangers recyclable in NJ?

Wire hangers are made from steel and have a thin plastic coating to keep them from rusting. Some recycling centers will take them, no questions asked. … It is best to remove any paper, lightweight cardboard, foam or yarn wrapped around the hangers before recycling them. The paper can be recycled.

What can be recycled in NJ?

Clean bottles, metal cans, and plastic containers with a 1, 2 or 5 in the triangle on the bottom, as well as newsprint, papers and cardboard, are the only reliably recyclable items, area recyclers say. Story continues after video. Polystyrene, “wax-coated” paper and greasy pizza boxes are all recycling no-nos.

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Can number 5 plastic be recycled in NJ?

To repeat, #1 and #2 plastics should go in the recycling container. Any #3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 plastics need to go into the regular trash. As before, glass bottles and jars, cans, newspaper, mixed paper and cardboard — if they’re clean — go into the recycling container.

Does New Jersey really recycle?

Recycling is the law in New Jersey but there’s a problem you might not be aware of. An increasing amount of material being collected from those blue bins cannot be disposed of properly, which means it’s being trucked to a landfill.

How do you get rid of hangers?

How Do You Dispose of Metal Hangers?

  1. Donate to Charity. You can only do this if the metal hanger is usable and in proper condition. …
  2. Give Them to Your Dry Cleaner. Alternatively, you could give them out to your dry cleaner to use in their day-to-day work.
  3. Take Them to Your Laundry. …
  4. Give to Freecycle. …
  5. Toss Them in the Trash.

Can I put hangers in the recycle bin?

Metal clothes hangers, also known as wire hangers, cannot be recycled in a standard recycling bin. This is because the hooked end can damage recycling machinery. … By scrapping your metal clothes hangers at a reliable local scrap metal dealer, you’ll even be able to earn some extra cash.

Can you recycle pizza boxes in NJ?

Some local programs may accept pizza boxes, while others will not. While pizza boxes are typically made of recyclable corrugated cardboard, the problem with recycling these boxes is the food and grease residue that soils and remains in the box.

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Are aerosol cans recyclable NJ?

Can aerosol cans be recycled in my curbside recycling container? A. NO – Due to the many varying types of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids that are found in aerosol cans, we recommend placing empty aerosol cans in your trash receptacle.

How do you dispose of broken glass in NJ?

Broken glass such as shattered light bulbs or a broken vase should be placed INSIDE of a paper bag or cardboard box ( a cereal box or snack bar box) prior to placing in your garbage bags. By doing this, there is less risk of the broken glass breaking through your plastic garbage bag and injuring our team members.

Do you need to wash food containers before recycling?

If empty jars, bottles, and cans have visible residue within the container, you should rinse them out before tossing them in the recycling bin. … All you need to do is fill the jar, bottle, or can with water and swish the water around until a majority of the remaining contents are removed from the sides. That’s it!

What numbers Cannot be recycled?

According to environmental research blog Greenopedia, plastics labeled 1 and 2 can be recycled at almost every recycling center, but numbers 3, 6 and 7 usually cannot be recycled and can go directly in the trash.

What does pp5 mean on plastic?

Polypropylene (PP)

A 5 inside the triangle indicates the plastic is polypropylene or PP. It is commonly found in medicine bottles, straws, bottle caps, ketchup bottles and syrup bottles, and some yogurt containers.

How do you recycle cardboard in NJ?

How to Recycle Cardboard in NJ. Most corrugated cardboard is accepted in New Jersey curbside bins for recycling. In the case it is not, you can recycle it at any local municipal recycling center. Thick, corrugated cardboard should be treated separately from thinner cardboard food boxes such as cereal boxes.

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How do you recycle Styrofoam in NJ?

Residents can drop off Styrofoam at the Union DPW yard, located at 1 Swanstrom Place, Monday – Friday from 8:30 to 4 pm. Residents can bring Styrofoam to the Westfield Conservation Center, 1300 Lamberts Mill Road, anytime the Center is open.