How are owls and cats ecological equivalents?

Organisms that occupy the same or similar ecological niches in different geographical regions are known as Ecological Equivalents. For examples, owls and cats, both feed on mice; but owls are found in deserts or forests while cats are around human habitations.

What does the term ecological Equivalents describe?

DEFINITION.… Ecological equivalents : species that use similar niches in different habitats or locations are called ecological equivalents . The evolution of life has resulted in general types of habitats and certain successful ways of exploiting the resources in those habitats.

What two other factors play a role in an ecosystem?

The environment includes two types of factors: abiotic and biotic.

  • Abiotic factors are the nonliving aspects of the environment. They include factors such as sunlight, soil, temperature, and water.
  • Biotic factors are the living aspects of the environment.

Can two species share the same niche?

No two species can have the exact same niche, otherwise they would be in direct competition for resources with one another. If this occurs, then one species will outcompete the other. If the losing species then does not adapt, it would lead to its extinction.

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What is ecological niche wide?

If an organism has adapted to an extensive range of environmental conditions for survival, it has a broad niche. This wide range of adaption and survival skills indicates that the organism can live in various different conditions.

Why do ecological equivalents not share the same niche?

Ecological equivalents live in two different geographic locations and therefore do not compete for the same resources. … Two species that use the same resources in the same way compete together; the species that is less suited (less well-adapted) will be pushed out of the niche or become extinct.

How do you explain niche concept using ecological equivalents?

An ecological niche refers to the interrelationship of a species with all the biotic and abiotic factors affecting it. This definition of niche though has changed over time. Joseph Grinnell in 1917 coined the term niche, which he used as mostly equivalent to a species habitat.

How species coexist in the same habitat?

Species that have similar ecology could coexist providing that they have different patterns of habitat use and associations with different environmental variables. In addition, similarity among species could be influenced by habitat structure and resource availability.

How can two similar organisms live in the same habitat but occupy different niches?

Resource partitioning

The result of this kind of evolution is that two similar species use largely non-overlapping resources and thus have different niches. This is called resource partitioning, and it helps the species coexist because there is less direct competition between them.

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What are 3 biotic factors in an ecosystem?

Biotic factors have been divided into three main categories, which define their distinctive role in the ecosystem:

  • Producers (Autotrophs)
  • Consumers (heterotrophs)
  • Decomposers (detritivores)

What niche do lions fill?

In their native habitats, lions fill the niche of hunting large herbivores found in the arid savannas of Africa.

Do lions and tigers have the same niche?

No, lions and tigers do not live in the same habitat. Lions inhabit tropical grasslands in Asia and Africa, most notably the savanna, where they run…

Can two species occupy the same habitat?

The competitive exclusion principle states that two species cannot occupy the same niche in a habitat. In other words, different species cannot coexist in a community if they are competing for all the same resources.

What is ecological niche overlap?

Niche overlap refers to the partial or complete sharing of resources or other ecological factors (predators, foraging space, soil type, and so on) by two or more species. … Niche overlap is an important concept in community ecology because it is expected to determine how many and which species can coexist in a community.

What is environment ecology and ecosystem?

Ecology is the study of interactions between organisms, organisms and the surroundings occurring within an ecosystem or environment. An ecosystem is a functional unit of the environment (mostly biosphere). An environment is a group of ecosystems.

Are pandas specialists?

Pandas are an excellent example of a herbivore specialist, because they have a specific niche that they live in and their diet consists only of bamboo.

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