Is forest and wildlife are inexhaustible resources?

Answer: Forests and wildlife are exhaustible natural resources of energy .

Is wildlife a inexhaustible resource?

Wild life is renewable resource.

Is forest an inexhaustible resource?

The inexhaustible natural resource is forest.

Are forest and wildlife renewable resources?

functioning of organisms, populations and ecosystems. The resources that can be replenished through rapid natural cycles are known as renewable resource. plants, (crops and forests), and animals who are being replaced from time to time because they have the power of reproducing and maintain life cycles.

Is forest and wildlife resources?

Our planet earth is a home to millions of living beings. From micro-organisms and bacteria, lichens to banyan trees, elephants, and blue whales, there is a vast multitude of living organisms found on the earth.

What type of resource is wildlife?

Air, water, land, forest, wildlife, and minerals are important natural resources.

Why is wildlife considered as resource?

Answer: Wildlife includes all those naturally occurring plant and animal species which are neither cultivated, domesticated nor tamed. Wildlife occurs in forests. It is a renewable resource.

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Which resource is an inexhaustible natural resource *?

Sunlight and air are inexhaustible natural resources.

Which resource is an inexhaustible natural resources?

– Inexhaustible natural resources are wind, sunlight and water.

Which is an example of inexhaustible resources?

Inexhaustible Natural resources are wind, sunlight and water.

What are forest resources?

Forest resources means those natural assets of forest lands, including timber and other forest crops; biological diversity; recreation; fish and wildlife habitat; wilderness; rare and distinctive flora and fauna; air; water; soil;climate; and educational, aesthetic, and historic values.

What is forest natural resources?

Forests are renewable natural resource capable of providing several major and minor forest products and contribute substantially to economic development. … Apart from various products, which forests yield, the forests provide shelter and means of livelihood for the hill tribes.

Why forest is a renewable resource?

Trees are renewable resources. Trees can be planted, grown up, and harvested for timber. … It has trees of different sizes and ages, many other plants, and lots of animals. A forest is a renewable resource but it takes much more time to grow a forest than to grow a stand of trees.

Is wildlife a natural resource?

Earth’s natural resources include air, minerals, plants, soil, water, and wildlife.

How are forest and wildlife resources classified in India?

Most of the forest and wildlife resources are owned by the Government of India, and managed through several departments like the Forest Department. Forests are divided into three types: Reserved Forests, Protected Forests and Unclassed Forests. Over 50% of the forests in India have been declared reserved forests.

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Is wildlife a renewable resource?

Wild life is renewable resource.