Quick Answer: What are the benefits of environmental audit?

Reducing environmental impacts. Reducing waste, water and energy costs (annual savings are typically greater than our fee for the audit) Improving relations with stakeholders. Providing the foundation for an environmental management system (EMS) such as ISO 14001 at a later date.

What is the purpose of environmental audit?

The purpose of environmental auditing is to assess periodically the compliance of completed or on-going activities with the requirements of legislation, measures proposed in environmental policies, environmental management systems and environmental schemes or the provisions of standards and contracts, on the basis of …

What is environmental auditing what are its objectives and advantages?

The overall objective of environmental auditing is to help safeguard the environment and minimize risks to human health. … The key objectives of an environmental audit therefore are to: determine how well the environmental management systems and equipment are performing.

What benefit an organization can get by regularly conducting environmental audits?

It also identified the benefits of environmental auditing to regulatory agencies as better assurance of com- panies’ compliance, more efficient use of government resources, improved cooperation with companies, more realistic definitions of compliance, and useful information about audit systems and compliance status.

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What are the features of environmental audit?

What is an Environmental Audit

  • Assessing compliance with relevant statutory and internal requirements.
  • Facilitating management control of environmental practices.
  • Promoting good environmental management.
  • Maintaining credibility with the public.

What are types of environmental audit?

There are three main types of environmental audits:

  • Environmental compliance audits.
  • Environmental management audits.
  • Functional environmental audits.

What are the roles of an environmental audit within an environmental management system?

One role of an environmental audit is to identify areas for improvement, but an audit does not, in itself, provide the means to implement changes. … set objectives and targets for future environmental performance. implement procedures and measures for achieving the objectives and targets.