What is the purpose of climate controlled storage?

The purpose of climate controlled storage is to ensure your stored items are protected against damaging heat, cold, and humidity. PRO TIP: Renting a climate controlled storage unit usually costs about 20-50% more than a non-climate controlled storage unit.

What items should be stored in climate controlled storage?

8 Things that Should Be Stored in a Climate-Controlled Storage…

  • Antique Wooden Furniture. …
  • Consumer Electronics. …
  • Clothing. …
  • Media Storage Equipment. …
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies. …
  • Anything Collectible. …
  • Important Paperwork. …
  • Leather Furniture.

What is the difference between heated and climate controlled storage?

Unlike Climate Controlled storage which is heated to stay within an exact temperature range, Heated and Ventilated storage only has heat blown throughout it to add warmth but not to any certain degree. During the spring and summer months, the space is ventilated, just like Standard storage lockers.

Is it worth getting a climate controlled storage unit?

The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units

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High temperature and humidity levels can warp, crack or split wood or leather furniture. … Climate-controlled storage units are more expensive than conventional storage units, but if you are storing items that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, it is well worth it.

What should you not store in a storage unit?

9 Items You Can’t Put in a Storage Unit

  • Flammable or Combustible Items.
  • Toxic Materials.
  • Non-Operating, Unregistered, and Uninsured Vehicles.
  • Stolen Goods and Illegal Drugs.
  • Weapons, Ammunition, and Bombs.
  • Perishables.
  • Live Plants.
  • Wet Items.

What does climate controlled environment mean?

Definition of climate-controlled

: having or providing artificial control of air temperature, humidity, and movement a climate-controlled vehicle a climate-controlled office.

What is the difference between climate controlled and humidity controlled?

If your area experiences both extreme hot and cold temperatures, climate control is a definite must. Humidity controlled storage spaces control and reduce humidity. Moisture and mold are two of the leading causes of damage. The best way to protect against humidity is to keep the air from going stale.

What does a climate controlled warehouse mean?

Climate-controlled warehouses come with dehumidifiers that maintain temperature and humidity levels at optimum levels. Dehumidifiers also help you keep mold, dust mites, mildew, etc. from growing on your goods.

What is the average cost of a 10×10 storage unit?

What is the average cost of a 10×10 storage unit? The national average cost of a 10×10 unit is currently $97.59 per month. This includes prices for both climate control and non-climate control units.

Is it OK to store a TV in a storage unit?

3. Make Sure the TV and Cables Are Clean. Storing the TV with dust, dirt and hair on it can cause corrosion. … Use the cloth to wipe the cables clean of any dust and debris before putting them into a storage unit.

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How do you store clothes in non climate controlled storage?

Items That Need Climate Control

Assess the materials and determine if any belongs are irreplaceable. Also, consider how long you’re looking to store your items. If you’re interested in long-term storage, a temperature-controlled unit might be the best course of action.

Can you put a lawn mower in storage?

Fuel begins to degrade when it sits for long periods, which can damage your fuel system and tank over time. If you plan on storing small engine equipment like lawn mowers, motorcycles and ATVs for an extended period of time without use, we recommend draining your tank.

Do storage units get broken into often?

This weak security makes self storage facilities an easy target. In California alone, one study conducted by CBS 5 a decade ago showed 56 break-ins at 38 franchised self storage locations in just two years! The problem’s not going away any time soon, either.

Can you take a nap in a storage unit?

Can You Sleep In A Storage Unit? No, you cannot sleep in a storage unit. Storage units don’t qualify as habitable living spaces, as they do not have a bathroom or other necessary amenities to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle.