Which of the following ecosystem has the lowest gross primary productivity?

The rate at which plants and other photosynthetic creatures generate organic substances in an ecosystem is referred to as primary productivity. Deserts, tundra, the open ocean, and the lakes and streams biome all have the lowest amounts of primary productivity. As a result, the right answer is ‘Open Ocean.

Which ecosystem has lowest gross primary productivity?

The highest net primary productivity in terrestrial environments occurs in swamps and marshes and tropical rainforests; the lowest occurs in deserts.

What has the lowest ecosystem productivity?

Deserts, tundra, and the deep ocean are the least productive ecosystems, typically having an energy fixation of less than 0.5 × 103 kilocalories per square meter per year (thousands of kcal/m2/yr; it takes one calorie to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 34°F [1°C] under standard conditions, and there are …

Which of the following ecosystem has highest gross primary productivity?

In the aquatic ecosystem, coral reefs show the highest gross primary productivity.

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Which of the following has the lowest mean net primary productivity?

The correct answer is Temperate grasslands. Temperate grasslands are characterized as having grasses as the dominant vegetation. Trees and large shrubs are absent, therefore it has the lowest mean net productivity in the category of grasslands.

Which is the smallest ecosystem?

The Temperate Grassland is the smallest ecosystem in the world as well as on earth. The area of this grassland occupied by Tundra.

What three ecosystems have the lowest productivity?

The biomes with the lowest levels of primary productivity include deserts, the tundra, the open ocean, and the lakes and streams biome.

What is the gross primary productivity of an ecosystem?

Gross primary productivity is the amount of carbon fixed during photosynthesis by all producers in the ecosystem. However, a large part of the harnessed energy is used up by the metabolic processes of the producers (respiration).

Which forest biome has the lowest productivity?

So, depending on the amount of rainfall and nutrient distribution within a desert, certain areas may cause a larger GPP and NPP than others. Overall, the productivity of deserts is the lowest of all the biomes.

Which 3 ecosystems have the highest productivity?

The world’s ecosystems vary tremendously in productivity, as illustrated in the following figures. In terms of NPP per unit area, the most productive systems are estuaries, swamps and marshes, tropical rain forests, and temperate rain forests (see Figure 4).

Which ecosystem has higher productivity?

In terrestrial ecosystems, tropical rainforests have the highest productivity.

What is high net primary productivity?

They show net primary productivity, which is how much carbon dioxide vegetation takes in during photosynthesis minus how much carbon dioxide the plants release during respiration (metabolizing sugars and starches for energy).

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Which marine zone has the lowest rate of primary productivity?

the marine zone with the lowest rate of photosynthesis would likely be the B) abyssal zone as this zone is furthest from the surface and therefore receives the least sunlight. Since sunlight is required for photosynthesis the abyssal zone has the least potential for primary productivity.